Professional Temporary Staffing Solution
iMatrix provides you with distinctive and flexible Temporary Staffing Solutions to cater to your entire variable temporary staffing needs, be it a single person for support operations or an entire team for a large scale project. We work with our clients to endow them with appropriate staffing options that meet their interim workforce needs, while also providing them with optimum staffing solutions.


We cater to clients from diverse sectors of the business world – from law firms to Fortune 500 corporations, we provide assistance to our clients in identifying an appositely qualified employee and empower them with the best solution to meet their temporary staffing needs.


With an aim to provide you with optimum solutions, we at iMatrix manage a unique method of screening to compensate and make available a worthy candidate for the required position. We reward our employees based on client evaluations and feedback, which inspires them to screen and inculcate the most suitable employee for your team.


With an access to a large and sound employee base, we have the ability to respond to your staffing needs immediately and without any hassles. Our ‘Work Attitude’ tests and temporary employee benefits ensure that your temporary staff has the needed skills, experience, good work ethics and attitude, and is readily available at all times. This reduces your temporary staffing number, while also saving on the screening and training time.


Indepth Knowledge for Better Services
An indepth knowledge and understanding of the industry and an experience of XX years has made iMatrix a company to be associated with. Our recruiting staff has a thorough understanding of the industry they serve and a strong working knowledge, which aids us in serving you better and providing reliable staffing solutions within the required time.


iMatrix not only looks towards providing optimum solutions to clients, but also builds a relationship with its candidates. Through substantial investments in advertising and relationship building, we are able to inculcate candidates through referrals, and retain them over a period of time. This in turn enhances our productivity and reliability, while also ensuring that the best and suitable employees are available.


Satisfaction is the Key to Success
We believe that satisfaction is an important step towards success. Each of our temporary employees undergoes stringent screening process that ensures that they meet the requirements. Personal interviews, reference and background checks are performed before any employee is recruited. Industry specific tests and aptitude tests aid in evaluation of the skills and knowledge of the prospective candidate. We also provide customized screening and interview to meet specific requirements of our clients.


iMatrix ensures complete confidentiality and benefit through insurance coverage that provides security to clients. Worker Compensation, E&O insurance, professional liability, fidelity bond and general liability insurance are some of the security measures that reduces the risk of using Temporary Staffing Solutions.


With an eye on perfection, we at iMatrix constantly endeavour to provide the best in class Temporary Staffing Solutions.


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